First Entry of the Blog

The following article is presented to you by Pablo Sanz and Miguel García

Welcome to the first entry of the blog!

In this first entry of the blog , we would attempt to describe who we are, what is our aim and the main idea behind this Science blog.

h2020Let us start with a short description of the Project: MyFUN (Myopia Fundamental Understandings Needed), which is part of the Horizon 2020 fund for research of the European Commission.

As Innovative Training Network under the Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions, it tries to answer some fundamental questions in the myopia research, providing at the same time an international and interdisciplinary platform to train 14 young scientists, hosted by 7 European Partners.

partnersPartners of the MyFUN network

But first of all, lets answer why are we here…

What is Myopia?

Now that we gave a brief overview about what Myopia is, what is our objective?

The main aim is to give answer to some of this unsolved questions in the short-sighted field. You can find a more detailed information of the different projects from the Early Stage Researchers of the MyFUN framework in the official webpage and in our summary of the First Annual Meeting.

First Annual Meeting

And what´s the purpose of this Blog?

Maybe you are asking yourself now, how can you benefit from our research? Well, the main aim of the blog is to let everyone knows what is going on in our daily research, to create awareness about why is important to prevent Myopia, to unmount myths and to clarify concepts among short-sighted world.

And of course, how objective is Science if you do not share your outcomes? So, we would share our results here in a friendly but scientific way.

…journalistic myopia requires some extra-strength corrective lenses.”
Margaret Sullivan (journalist)

Can I read it, even without an optometric, ophthalmologist or eye and neuroscience background?  YES, definitely. At the beginning of each entry you may found some Disclaimer with the main target public of the article, besides  you can read all of them, deep knowledge could be necessary to understand some of them.

Keep reading, avoid Myopia!


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