Second MYFUN annual meeting

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The 2nd MYFUN annual meeting had been hosted jointly by Laboratorio de Optica (LOUM) and Voptica SL at Universidad de Murcia, Murcia, Spain. The four days event started from 24th October with research work presentation by all MYFUN fellows and thought-provoking lectures by Ph.D. supervisors and invited speakers. The principal investigator of LOUM, Prof. Pablo Artal inaugurated the meeting by welcoming all MYFUN fellows, principal investigators, external advisory board, invited guests and all in-house Lab members. Prof. Frank Schaeffel (Principal investigator of Institute for Ophthalmic Research, EKUT) continued the meeting with his talk regarding management & coordination of MyFUN. All the Early Stage Researchers (ESR) presented their research work and had intense discussion with senior researchers and external advisory board members throughout first two days. Beside interesting scientific discussion by ESRs, keynote speakers enlightened the forum with their presentations. Prof. Denis Pelli (New York University, USA) delivered his talk about the sources of noise in human vision and Dr. Ireneusz Grulkowski (Copernicus University, Torun, Poland) shared his expert views on the advances of OCT for the eye.

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The Summer school started on the second day afternoon, which was similarly fascinating where many legendary scientists shared their years of experience and knowledge. After formal inauguration and welcome ceremony by Rosa Miras from Voptica, Prof. Susana Marcos (CSIS, Madrid) started the session with her views on latest development in ocular photo-activated treatment. The day continued with talks on crowding phenomena and pharmacological management of myopia by Prof. Denis Pelli and Prof. Christine Wildsoet (Berkeley, USA) respectively. The next day continued with motivating lecture sessions by Prof. Frank Schaeffel, Dr. Ireneusz Grulkowski, Dr. Linda Lundstroem (KTH, Stockholm), Dr. Brian Vohnsen (UCD, Dublin), Dr. Juan Tabernero (Cambridge, UK), Dr. Marita Feldkaemper (EKUT, Tübingen) and Prof. Donald Mutti (Columbus, USA). End of the day, Prof. Pablo Artal shared his expertise on compensation mechanism in the human eye. Beside the scientific talks, Dr. Guillermo Pérez (J&J Vision, Groningen, NL) shared his immense experience to discuss the Pros and cons of academic and industrial research careers. During the last day of summer school Dr. Pedro Prieto and Dr. Josua Fernández from LOUM, Murcia, shared their proficient scientific expertise about principal and application of adaptive optics in vision science.

All MYFUN fellows visited the LOUM Lab setups, where they went through all the investigation setups thoroughly. All members also got the opportunity to visit Voptica SL manufacturing facility that is situated at the University campus. During the industry visit, Dr. Eloy Villegas & Lucía Hervellá conducted hands-on session of the Visual Adaptive Optics (VAO) simulator. Luis Gómez and Nicolai Suchkov demonstrated the manufacturing unit at Voptica to the ESRs. Prof. Artal concluded the meeting after thanking board members, invited guest speakers, research supervisors, all MYFUN fellows, LOUM members and specially to Carmen Martínez (Project Manager, LOUM) for arranging the whole meeting and logistics efficiently.

Moreover, all the invitees and Lab members enjoyed additional activities with the real flavor of Spanish tradition and delicious local food. They enjoyed the fabulous natural harbor and historical monuments of Cartagena City (a port city and naval base in the Murcia region) during a Guided Tour followed by traditional Spanish dinner at La Pequeña Taberna. During the last evening, a gala dinner was also arranged at the Real Casino de Murcia, which has a traditional restaurant, private social club & culture center in a 19th-century building with an elaborate, grand facade.

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