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Ophthalmic Workshop & Complementary Skill Course ’17 - Summary of the Ophthalmic workshop at ZEISS (B06), Complementary Skills course in Tübingen (B01) and YVRC.
Eye Growth and Sign of Defocus - What is the role of the sign of defocus in myopia? How the eye growth? Nearsighted, why?
Peripheral vision and myopia - Resume of the peripheral refraction studies in myopia.
Refraction Fluctuations in the Eye - The fluctuations in the eye refraction, an update from Dmitri Romashchenko.
The effects of outdoors on Myopia - Check our post about the current recommendations regarding outdoors and myopia.
Risk factors for Myopia Development - What are the risk factors to develop myopia? Why am I myopic? Solve this and other questions here. MyFUN European Network for Myopia Understanding.
What is Myopia? - Short summary of what is Myopia. Myopia has been defined as a common optical aberration of the eye in which the conjugate focus of the retina is at some finite point in front of the eye, when the eye is not accommodating. The signs and symptoms that relate myopic patients are primarily: blurred distance vision or out of focus image and deteriorated vision in low lighting conditions. Myopia medical definition.
1st Annual Meeting - Summary of the First Annual Meeting in the Myopia network (MyFUN) at Tübingen (Germany).
First Entry of the Blog - Description of the project, the blog and the group. In the MyFUN network. Understanding Myopia.

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